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Best Car Insurance Companies

Find the right auto insurance for your needs and coverage.

What are the benefits of having auto insurance? For starters, it's required in almost every state (and the two that don't, New Hampshire and Virginia, hold you responsible for any physical harm or property damage caused by a vehicle you own). Car insurance policy, like all other forms of insurance, offers peace of mind from shore to shining sea, even though it isn't needed by statute.

However, not all auto insurance plans are the same, and each car insurance provider has something special to give its clients. When comparing providers, it's necessary to see the big picture, which includes customer support, coverage plans, discounts, and even the company's website's digital experience.

Following are five firms that we believe serve the best in the industry for pricing and discounts, military families, customized experiences, claims satisfaction, and high-risk drivers, based on our results. The following are our picks for the best auto insurance providers.

Below are vehicle insurance deals from our media partners, as well as a comprehensive list of the best automobile insurance providers we've found.

Best Car Insurance Companies of 2021
  • Best Rates & Discounts: GEICO
  • Best Personalized Experience: State Farm
  • Best Claims Satisfaction: Amica Mutual
  • Best For Military Families: USAA
  • Best For High-Risk Drivers: Progressive
  • Best For Young Drivers: Erie Insurance


What Coverage Options Are Available?

Most auto insurance providers, with a few exceptions, have the following forms of coverage:
  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability, When you're considered at fault in an auto crash, you'll be responsible for the other party's hospital bills and collateral loss.
  • Collision Coverage, that, regardless of blame, pays for damage to your own vehicle.Comprehensive coverage compensates you for damage to your vehicle caused by storms or burglary.
  • Personal Injury Protection/Medical Payments, that, regardless of liability, pays your own medical costs.
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage, When you are in a collision involving an uninsured driver, this coverage provides for your own hospital and auto maintenance bills.
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Coverage, When your vehicle was totaled in a crash, this insurance includes the difference between what you owe on your lease or loan and its present worth.

What Coverage Do I Even Need?

Many drivers adhere to the state's minimum coverage requirements because it seems to be the most cost-effective choice. However, before deciding which coverages to add and which to exclude, it's important to consider just what each regulation covers.

There's one more form of insurance that you'll need—not from the state, but from your auto lender. Comprehensive and collision coverage is what it's called. If you don't buy the car directly and have a loan or contract, the firm servicing it, whether it's a broker, mortgage company, or lease company, would require extensive and crash coverage.

What Should I Do When Comparing Car Insurance Companies?

When comparing insurance premiums with different providers, bear some factors in mind, such as the exact policy you're getting (including dollar figures for each plan), potential incentives, the company's financial strength ranking, and the company's customer support scores. Before making a final call, make sure you have a thorough understanding of how auto insurance functions.

Evaluate your preferences and prioritize your choices depending on what is most valuable to you when considering a car insurance provider. Although GEICO has the best overall prices, other organizations such as Amica have the best claims satisfaction, Progressive has excellent coverage for high-risk drivers, State Farm has the most customized experience, and USAA gives military personnel incredible discounts.

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