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Coronavirus and Car Insurance (What to Know)

A comprehensive guide to automobile insurance and the coronavirus, with details on vehicle insurance refunds.

I’m driving less. Will my car insurance company give me a discount?

Since less Americans are traveling after the pandemic, several auto insurance providers offered partial refunds in April and May, with some insurers extending these rebates. You won't have to do it if the insurer has it, nothing to get the money back We've compiled a list of insurers who provide this service. Refunds for coronavirus auto premiums, and how many you can plan get hold of.

What changes can I make to my car insurance to save money?

One alternative is to remove all coverage except the bare minimums required by the state. Before you do this, think about it. If you exclude extensive and crash coverage, your vehicle (and your wallet) will be vulnerable if it is damaged in an accident or stolen or vandalized.

When your vehicle is in storage and you don't use it at all, and you don't have a loan or mortgage on it, you can suspend policy or go to comprehensive-only insurance. Any states would ask you to file a "affidavit of non-use" with their motor vehicle department.

Make sure you have a backup mode of transportation before changing your strategy. Can you still use public transportation if you depend on it during the pandemic? Can you need your car in the event of an accident or to run errands? If you answer yes, you won't be able to cancel or adjust your policies to comprehensive-only coverage.

Lying for discounts, checking auto insurance prices from different insurers, and raising the premium, which is your share of maintenance costs before the insurer covers the rest of a claim, are all opportunities to save money.

I’m not driving as much. Should I cancel my car insurance?

Dropping coverage is just a smart option as a last resort even whether you aren't driving at all. To drive safely in almost all states, you must have car insurance, whether you drive every day or once a month. A lapse in coverage would also result in potential increases in auto insurance premiums.

I can’t pay my car insurance premium. What should I do?

If you can't afford the insurance, call the provider right away. Many states are asking insurance providers to extend waiting periods, which normally last for 30 days after payment is due and during which you can also pay to keep the coverage.

Few businesses also have adjustable payment arrangements and waive late payments and cancellations as a result of nonpayment. It's worth noting that not all relief options have been extended beyond May. For the most up-to-date information, contact your insurer.

Should I consider pay-per-mile car insurance?

Switching to pay-per-mile insurance is another choice for saving money. This choice is better for drivers who will not be driving a lot in the long run. Some firms specialize in this form of insurance, such as Metromile, while a few major insurers, such as Nationwide, sell a per-mile alternative as well.

Unlike standard insurance, the cost of this scheme is determined by the number of miles you drive per month. There's a base rate that stays the same month after month, and then there's a per-mile rate with a limit, such as 250 miles per day.

Companies will monitor how fast you travel using a plug-in computer or a mobile app. Other driving patterns, such as acceleration and heavy braking, are monitored by certain services.

I want to make money as a delivery driver. What car insurance do I need?

A delivery driver who uses his or her own car is usually required to have commercial auto insurance or rideshare insurance. 

Certain states, such as Alabama and Pennsylvania, have urged insurance providers to increase coverage for drivers transporting food or drugs during this time. As a consequence, when providing these necessities, certain insurers immediately expanded policy to include a customer's personal automobile.

Coverage lengths differ by jurisdiction, with some insurers only extending coverage if the state is under an emergency declaration. For further details, contact the insurance company.

How can I submit a car insurance claim during the outbreak?

Many businesses encourage you to file a claim using a smartphone app or a website. Apps also allow you to post photographs or videos of any damage to your vehicle without requiring a claims adjuster to see it in person.

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